Frequently Asked Questions


My mask is leaking. What should I do?

This is a sign of a poorly fitted mask or headgear that’s too tight. Consider a better-fitted mask.

Does my sleep position have an effect on my sleep apnea mask?

Not at all! You are welcome to sleep in any position, thanks to our patented AIRºgel® technology.

I have dentures. Can I still wear a HealthySleep sleep apnea mask?

Yes. All of our innovative masks are suitable for individuals who wear dentures.

I have facial hair. Can I wear your masks?

Yes. Our AIRºgel® technology and seal have been engineered to promote comfort for those with facial hair or without.

Which size mask is for me?

Please contact your health provider for assistance with identifying the right sleep apnea mask size.


How can I order a HealthySleep mask?

Contact [email protected] to place your order.

Where are HealthySleep’s masks made?

All HealthySleep masks are made in the USA in line with the highest quality standards

Why are HealthySleep’s masks unique?

Our patented AIRºgel® rests gently against the skin for comfort and a precise fit. We also use Custom Fit Technology™ to make sure our masks fit to any facial structure.

Are your masks comfortable?

Yes. We use patented AIRºgel® cushions designed to rest gently against the face, reducing irritation and pressure caused by conventional sleep apnea masks.

Are HealthySleep masks compatible with any manufacturer’s device?

Yes. HealthySleep's vented sleep masks are designed to fit all standard 22 mm PAP device connections. HealthySleep's non-vented hospital masks are designed to fit all standard 22 mm ventilator connections and are compatible with the standard 15mm and 22mm hose connection.

Which is preferred – a nasal mask or a full face?

Choosing a CPAP mask is a very individual decision. Browse through HealthySleep's mask portfolio or talk to your sleep specialist about the right-fit mask for you.

Materials & Care

How do I clean my HealthySleep mask?

We recommended you clean your mask daily by washing the mask and components in warm water with a mild soap and allowing it to air dry. Washing away excess facial oils before putting it on will help to extend the life of your mask and maintain a good seal.

When should I replace my HealthySleep mask?

Most medical aids cover a replacement mask every 1 year. Contact [email protected] for more information.

Are HealthySleep's masks latex-free?

Yes. HealthySleep's masks are not made of natural rubber latex.