Sleep Apnea Masks

CPAP and APAP Masks

You may be wondering: Which Sleep Apnea CPAP or APAP mask is best for me? With dozens of choices out there, it can be challenging to pick one. HealthySleep specialises in a range of nasal and full-face masks, depending on the prescription made by your doctor. Once you know what you need, you can start searching for the perfect mask that you will be comfortable sleeping with every night.

Feel free to browse our cutting-edge mask range below, and let us know if you have any queries. We are here to help.

Sleep Apnea Mask Products

Full Face Masks

Mojo Full Face Mask

Mojo® Full Face Mask

Combine functionality, comfort, and the perfect fit to get a better night’s sleep, every night. The Mojo® Full Face Mask boasts exclusive Sleepnet® features engineered to perfection, features include gentle cushioning with patented AIR°gel® and a moldable mask shell with Custom Fit Technology™.  Thanks to this mask’s specialised leak ports, you won’t need to splurge on an additional exhalation port. 

Ascend Full Face Mask

Ascend® Full Face Mask

Master the two “C’s”, comfort and convenience, with Ascend®. This is HealthySleep’s first ever mask to feature a replaceable cushion, making it easier than ever to manage your Sleep Apnea. Our patented AIRºgel® Replaceable Cushion can be detached and reattached with ease.

With Ascend®, there’s no need to keep spending time and money on replacement CPAP cushions every 3 - 6 months. With additional built-in vents, you won’t need a separate exhalation port either.

Innova Full Face Vented Mask

Innova® Full Face Vented Mask

Sleep better and have more energy throughout the day. This state-of-the-art Sleep Apnea Vented Mask features an Active Headgear Connector™ that moves when you move. No more leaks. No more stress. Enjoy additional Advanced Cushion Technology™ (A.C.T) which works in unison with AIRºgel® to reduce facial pressure and encourage a more comfortable, peaceful sleep – in luxury.

Nasal Masks

iQ Blue Nasal Mask

iQ® Blue Nasal Mask

The iQ® Blue Nasal Mask represents the next generation in our patented AIRºgel® technology. The mask features Advanced Cushion Technology™ along with a flexible shell and Custom Fit Technology™. Together, these cutting-edge innovations deliver the perfect fit, comfort, and breathability. While most masks have rigid shells, iQ® Blue complements your face’s natural contours. With built-in mask vents, you won’t need to purchase an extra separate exhalation port.

Ascend Nasal Mask

Ascend® Nasal Mask

Expertly engineered to promote deeper, more peaceful sleep, the Ascend® Nasal Mask offers the utmost comfort and convenience combined. Ascend® is HealthySleep’s first EVER mask to feature a replaceable cushion. Detach and reattach in seconds for simple cleaning and cushion replacement. With built-in mask vents, you won’t need a separate exhalation port.

Aura Nasal Mask

Aura® Nasal Mask

Seal in the comfort with the world’s FIRST EVER nasal mask to feature BOTH Custom Fit Technology™ AND an Active Headgear Connector™. Choose from three sizes that will fit like a glove, with a Flexible Spacebar™, Aura®, for 7-8 hours of uninterrupted slumber. AIRºgel® accompanies our Advanced Cushion Technology™ to provide a truly luxurious, ergonomic cushion to reduce facial pressure. With built-in mask vents, you won’t need a separate exhalation port.

MiniMe Nasal Pediatric Mask

MiniMe® Nasal Pediatric Mask

Adults aren’t the only people suffering from Sleep Apnea. Did you know that, according to studies, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome affect 1 - 10% of children. Let kids be kids, with the peaceful night’s rest they deserve. HealthySleep’s MiniMe® Blue Nasal Mask has been engineered with children in mind. A softer design means the perfect fit for smaller faces. Our Custom Fit Technology™ features a flexible shell for the perfect fit. Our patented AIRºgel® cushion presses gently yet firmly against the skin. The mask has been cleared by the FDA for children aged 2-12: A soft, simple solution for the most important little patient in your life. With built-in mask vents, you won’t need a separate exhalation port.

MiniMe 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask

MiniMe® 2 Pediatric Nasal Mask

Available in two sizes, the MiniMe® mask 2 provides unparalleled comfort in children aged 2-12. We’ve taken our Custom Fit Technology™ to the next level for the nation’s youngest sleepers, meaning the mask will easily mold to your child’s face. Advanced Cushion Technology™ (A.C.T) provides a gentle yet firm sealing effect to reduce facial pressure. No separate exhalation needed.


AIR°gel® Technology

Gently protect the skin and bridge of the nose. Minimise irritation. Maximise comfort.

Active Headgear Connector™

Enjoy technology that moves when you move for the utmost convenience. Your seal will remain in-tact from dusk until dawn.

Custom Fit Technology™

No two faces are the same, and our Custom Fit Technology™ understands this. Invest in a mask that’s just as unique as you, with a design that fits to your face. Not the other way around.