DreamStar Duo and Duo ST


The FlowSens algorithm automatically adjusts the trigger thresholds and allows the device to instantly respond to changes in the patient’s respiratory demand. In addition, it detects and compensates for leaks.

The ADAPT screen allows the doctor to view the parameters of the chosen therapy and to instantly adjust the device settings.

DreamStar Duo ST provides the option of setting a backup frequency and an I/E ratio.


The ‘Auto-on’ function allows the patient to start the treatment with a single breath in the mask. The device can be started at any time by pushing the on/off button.

In a few clicks and at a quick glance, users can simulate the machine’s settings.

The intelligent ramp function (I-Ramp) makes it possible to start the treatment at an adjustable, more comfortable pressure (the ‘comfort pressure’), making falling asleep easier and more comfortable. It also optimizes the treatment efficacy by adapting the time in ramp to the detection of respiratory events that indicate that the patient is asleep. Once the device detects respiratory events (indicating that the patient is asleep), it will gradually and comfortably increase the pressure to reach the prescribed pressure or switch on the auto-algorithm depending on the selected mode. As the total duration of the ramp will be reduced, patients spend more time at effective pressure improving their overall compliance.

Choose any type of mask or tubing! Versatility and flexibility were never easier thanks to our advance resistance control. This technology will ensure that the prescribed pressure is delivered at the patients interface at all times regardless of the configuration of the pneumatic pathway (mask type, diameter and length of the circuit and the presence or absence of a humidifier).

DreamStar Duo and Duo ST are compatible with the OxyLink module (which synchronizes oximetry data) and can be linked to the SefamConnect telemonitoring platform.

The patented Humid Control + technology minimizes condensation in the patient’s circuit and maintains a stable level of humidity throughout the night.

A cigarette-lighter cable is available as an optional accessory.

Technical Specifications



EPAP: 3 to 20 cm H2O adjustable in 0,5 cmH2O increments, IPAP: 3 to 25 cm H2O adjustable in 0,5 cmH2O increments

Advances adjustable settings
- 10 levels trigger sensitivity

- 5 rise time speed levels

- Backup frequency (Duo ST) from 0 to 25 bpm

- I/E ratio (Duo ST) from 1/4 to 1/0,5

Sound level
Adjustable from 0 to 45 min

Noise level
27 dBA

D x W x H:
23 x 20 x  12 cm

1,5 kg with humidifier;
1,4 kg without humidifier